Who are Scout 4x4 and what do we do?

A national Scout Active Support Unit who use 4×4 vehicles to support Scouting in the UK.
Following on from a group of friends exploring the green lanes of Surrey in 2007 who were asked to support a local campsite with logistics for a large weekend camp, and ultimately becoming a NSASU with members across the country.

We have an eclectic mix of vehicles and members who are volunteers within the Scouts, with all kinds of ability and skillsets who are keen to get involved and help support Scouting using their own vehicles.
Several members have even been City & Guilds accredited in off-road driving and the use of winches, and are happy to pass their knowledge and skills on to other members.

We do many things from providing activities to logistics as well as advice and support and soon the mechanics badge.
Please scroll down for more details on what we can do.

Scout 4×4 is fully insured for the activities we undertake and all members are observed before young people are allowed to travel in their vehicles on a driving activity.
We adhere to Scouting POR and provide full safety paperwork for every activity.

4x4 Experiences

An activity with a difference!
Experience the thrill of what 4×4’s can do off the beaten track.

Available to Scouts, Explorers, Network and even Leaders you will hop into one of our vehicles for a passenger ride with a difference! This may be an on-site course or route we have constructed or maybe just up the road in the forest, at a dedicated off-road centre or even local green lanes.

We will demonstrate how the vehicles can manoeuvre over the different obstacles and terrains of the activity area which often include, but not limited to, ascending and descending steep hills and banks, water crossings/puddles, side slopes, vehicle articulation obstacles and much more.

We provide everything from start to finish including the planning, health and safety paperwork as well as members to turn up with their vehicles and make it happen on the day.

Logistics, advice and support

Scout 4×4 has had plenty of experience assisting with events logistics from towing trailers of kit, moving people and even operating plant and machinery such as tractors, gators/buggies, forklifts and telehandlers.
Many of our members have their +E certification for towing a trailer and are often happy to help with moving things on-site or doing kit runs etc, we also have access to a large fleet of trailers of various shapes, sizes and styles.
We also have members who have D1 for minibus and D for coaches and even C for HGV along with a real mixture of plant and machinery qualifications so we can get you moving!

We are always happy to receive emails with questions where we can offer advice and or solutions to your problems. Our inbox gets everything from the simple idea or request for help to people asking what the best way to get young people and 4×4’s to work together.
We are happy to help and support you with answers to questions and love listening to new ideas for activities.

Don’t forget to look at our POR page for more information on this and risk-assessing off-road driving activities.