Gilwell 24 2013

After the success of off road driving at Winter camp we were asked by the organisers of Gilwell 24 to provide the activity for 2013 24 event.

The first challenge was sorting out the course after wintercamp but this was solved with a few days hard graft and back filling the water hazard with 60tonnes of hardcore. Once the remedial work was done it was left until the week before the event. It turned out to be lovely hot and dry month which ment the clay had baked hard and the course was solid. A couple of days were spent chipping away to create some new obstacles and reshaping existing ones to maximise the experience.

The night before the event we were all ready to go in the morning and all retreated to our tents to get a good nights sleep.

Then at 8am we begin giving drives and continued to do so until about 4pm where is slowed down. Then at around 6pm it had picked up again and we continued until 9pm(ish) and we then closed down until 2am where we had 2 vehicles offering night drives in the darks which added a whole new dimension to the activity.

We carried on until about 5am and then closed again until 630 where we rand drives until the event finish at 8am.

This was an excellent activity addition to Gilwell 24 and one we hope will be added again. Everyone had great fun and over one thousand drives were given to explorers form all over the UK. Allot of hard work went into the event and it all paid off, an excellent team effort.

For pictures please visit the gallery here.