4x4 Services

Our speciality! From assisting with site logistics to running bespoke off road diving activities if it involves a 4x4 we love to get involved.

We are often asked to assist with logistical and site operations where a 4x4 is key. Most of our members are trailer qualified to tow 3.5t trailers (B+E) and we have trailers and driver available to assist with these needs. We have assisted at many events with logistics including Gilwell 24, Frylands Big Weekends, District & County Events, Fun days, Fetes, Large camps and many more. We can also assist with stuck vehicles and retrieval of trailers from boggy campsites and have been used for the last couple of years at Gilwell Wintercamp to retrieve minibuses from the car parking that have sunk!

One of our core 4x4 activities is providing experiences for young people. We have on several occasions constructed an off road course on site for larger events as well as using green lanes and dedicated off road centres. These experiences are a great activity for the young people and leaders alike and are normally something different to add to the programme.

For the last few years we have done just this at Gilwell Wintercamp and Gilwell 24 with close to 10,000 rides and not a single injury. To accompany such activity we will provide full health and safety documentation and qualified drivers.