Canal Boating

Scout4x4 can also be found on the canal. We have over half a dozen members with the relevant certificates to lead canal boat trips. Couple this with a great relationship with several canal boat centres and access to boats, routes, pubs and campsites we can help you take your young people or adults on a canal boating trip.

What does a typical canal boat trip encompass?

We would meet at a chosen boat base and load everyone onto the boats (10 per boat + our 2 instructors) after a safety briefing we would head off.

Once we get going and everyone is settled in we will let everyone have a go at operating and steering the boat along the canal.

Locks will be covered when we get them and after the first couple everyone normally know what to do and so they go quite quickly.

After a lunch stop we carry on until we reach a spot for the night where we can either have dinner on the boat or go to a pub. We will also turn the boat around at this point.

In the morning we will get underway bright and early and then as everyone wakes up we can have breakfast then carry on a reversal of the previous day back to the base.