We are proud to be supported by the following companies who provide excellent products, services and advice.

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Morris Lubricants Online

A large selection of UK made oils, lubricants and fluids suitable for all your motoring applications.

We recently swapped all the oils on a TD5 Defender 110 and replaced with Morris Oils and what a difference, smoother gear changing and a more happy engine sound. The oil that was removed was less than 6 months old!



Every part and accessory for your Land Rover

If they don't have it on the online web shop they are great to talk to on the phone and are knowledgeable and friendly - well recommended.


Wilderness Lighting

Amazing LED lighting for off road vehicles and all other applications

We have several of the com4 lights fitted to one of our members vehicles and have done for nearly a year they still out perform many halogen and look like new still. Amazing lighting.


QT Services

British designed and made off road components 

Most of our members have QT diff guards or suspension parts fitted - great products made in the UK



Servicing and repairs to all vehicles big and small